Month: August 2009

Shaped Bokeh

Since I’m rather new with Digital SLR’s and Photography as a whole, and I’ve been playing around with to be truthful, fucking allsorts and harrasing @minute44 every ten minutes with a “how do you..” like a kid asking parents on a traveling trip, “are we there yet* ..And thankfully he hasnt been a cunt like…
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Why I think we’re in a recession

Right, well most of you will likely not agree with me here but if it’s not the cause then it’s certainly a contributing major factor. <Boring Part> I was sat on the toilet last night and my bare feet were on this lovely rug in the toilet, it was rather big, super soft and I…
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Funny 404 Error Pages

No one usually pays that much attention to 404 error pages, We generally just do not bother with them in the sort of sense of, I’m not going to delete any pages etc etc, however shit does hit the fan some times and people will see yours at some point in time. It’s fast becoming…
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