Month: June 2010

The REAL Cost of Upgrading to iPhone 4

From what the O2 website says, with it’s scattered and misleading content all over the shop – it appears to be FREE to upgrade to an iPhone 4 aslong as you buy out your exsisting contract. Unfortunately this is not the case, nor do they offer cheaper prices on the handset when you have a…
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Fix for the most common Photoshop Errors

Have you had problems loading Adobe Photoshop CS4? Opens the loading screen and then just crashes? Maybe you’ve installed a bad brush or pattern or fx? The quickest and easiest way to get yourself back up and running again with Photoshop is by resetting the Settings File. For PC Users Simply hold down CTRL+SHIFT+ALT and…
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The faviboob experiment!

Ok so we’ve Tweeted the Idea of a faviboob – It’s Basically a Favicon that’s a boob – Olly sort of got abit excited about a Russian SEO Site that had a FaviBoob ! So, we googled it to see if it was a phrase well known, unfortuantly 0 results found for FaviBoob! Now its…
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