Month: October 2010

Ye Olde Relentless Book

Had a few people ask about this free relentless book / mag that I had a while back… here’s a few photos.

The Need for a Secure Input Field

It’s rather terrible that the web seemingly has no SECURE input field, by this I mean where the fields contents are not remembered by any browser. An idea: And please, no retard browser specific calls. PayPal for example, I only have to put my card details in again whenever I clear my internet history, what…
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Dreamweaver CS5 Long “Waiting for server” on uploads

Just recently on CS5 I’ve noticed how annoyingly long it takes to upload to the server, sometimes 30seconds pause before putting files up onto the web server. There seems to be a really easy solution. Goto servers > Advanced > Testing Server : Server Model: {SELECT YOUR MODEL} For me this is PHP MYSQL I…
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How to: Custom reCaptcha captcha with Gravity Forms

Recently I’ve been struggling with using reCaptcha with Gravity forms, mainly in regards to using the sidebar and the captcha, gravityforms only as default allows you to use the standard reCaptcha themes, this is a short but sweet “How to” to be able to totally customise the reCatcha appearance with Gravity Forms. Find form_detail.php Goto…
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