Family Guy: PS Your vagina’s in the sink Joke

For all those people wondering what joke makes Peter crap his pants every time he hears it – his is the Family Guy PS your vaginas in the sink joke: A bride-to-be is stressing out over the fact that she’s not a virgin, but she’s told her future husband she is. She has no idea…

HTC Desire HD Charger – Micro USB

HTC Desire HD Charger // Micro USB Cable

Failed at buying a cheap one for £1 on eBay, might aswell buy a proper HTC one from Amazon, it’s cheap as chips!

HTML 5 & CSS 3 + General Web Stuff Books I Want!

A few books I want! 🙂

If anyone has any reviews about them (if they’re good, bad or terribad!) then let me know 🙂