Month: July 2011

WordPress: The plugin generated x characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin. *Fix*

I keep getting a problem when using Dreamweaver Find and Replace – whilst modifying certain PHP files, but mainly with wordpress. It has become apparent, that the crappy software decides to some how add spaces all over the shop like some random crack head, So if  you go to your PHP / WordPress Plugin /…
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SEO Mansfield / Search Engine Optimisation Mansfield

SEO Mansfield This is just an example test just to show my highly ranking, busy traffic blog site will do for the term search engine optimisation Mansfield, or SEO Mansfield, whatever really. My personal blog is in a lot of the top 3 results on page one of Google for a vast range of terms,…
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Opencart Open Cart 1.5 addModule is not defined *FIX* – cannot add banner etc –

Recently been faced with an issue in OpenCart which seems to affect these versions: Opencart Version,,,, The Error is a Javascript Error, if you don’t use something like FireBug then you will likely not notice the error. The Erros is this though: addModule is not defined The problem this…
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Force a WHM / CPanel Backup via SSH

It’s dead easy to force a WHM / CPanel backup to take place *now* via SSH. All you need to do is SSH in to your server using something like Putty and then after you’ve logged in copy and paste this command: /scripts/cpbackup –force Enjoy 🙂