Day: April 19, 2012

WordPress Functions Add Post Featured Image

This is a really quick, easy and simple method of adding a featured image to wordpress pages or posts. Simply open your theme’s functions.php file, go to the bottom, and just before the ?> paste this add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ ); This will then enable the “Set Featured Image” option within WordPress. How to get it to…
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HTC Desire HD Gets Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) / Android 4.0

It’s been announced and it’s going to be very soon that Android 4, or Ice Cream Sandwich, ICS for short, is coming to the HTC Desire HD. Now like the vast majority of people with DHD I’m really excited, so excited I contacted HTC for the Stock Gingerbread ROM, or the ICS ROM. My email…
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Google Drive, Coming Soon!

I really can’t wait to get on with Google Drive, Google’s own Cloud Storage service – it’s supposed to be launching in the next few days / weeks! I feel really sorry for the likes of DropBox though, their service and app is excellent on Android phones, but will people just simply stop using it…
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