Family Guy: PS Your vagina’s in the sink Joke

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For all those people wondering what joke makes Peter crap his pants every time he hears it – his is the Family Guy PS your vaginas in the sink joke:

A bride-to-be is stressing out over the fact that she’s not a virgin, but she’s told her future husband she is. She has no idea what to do and is talking to her friends about it, when one of the friends pipes up and says, “Here’s what you do — buy some liver, stick it up there, and everything will be nice and tight and your husband will never know.”

So, the bride-to-be follows the advice, and on the wedding night, the newlywed couple has crazy sex all over the place. On the kitchen counter, on the living room floor, all over the house. But when she wakes up in the morning, her new husband is gone, and all she finds is a note pinned to the pillow, which reads:

“Dearest, I’m sorry, but I’ve thought things over and I just don’t think things will work out between us. I had a wonderful time, but I’m sorry, I’ve thought about it, and we just weren’t meant to be. P.S. — Your vagina is in the sink.”

However the uncensored version seems to be this:

“Thank you for a lovely evening, however I don’t think this is going to work out. PS Your vagina is in the sink”


Some absolutely epic person has uploaded the full joke via YouTube:

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Bri- briOctober 29, 2012 at 6:04 pmReply

This cleared my head. I’ve been goin crazy about what this joke meant and when I found this website… well to putt it short I was close to crapping my pants too!!!!!!!!!