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10 Sweet Must Have jQuery Plugins

jquery10On the search for new ways to make the web accessible we’ll go through a list of plugins that can acheive just about anything and be totally be cross browser, cross platform, mobile platform compatible.

1, CrossSlide, Flash Type Image Animation, essential.

2, Autocomplete, Perfect for Lengthy Forms.

3, Post Slider for WordPress.

4, Corner, for Rounded etc corners.

5, Lavalamp, for sexy hovers.

6, QuickSearch.

7, Coda Popup Bubbles.

8, jQzoom, Image Zoom – Pro for eCommerce Solutions and Products.

9, IconDock, Like the Mac OS bar / RocketDock bar.

10, Image Fade Revisted, handy image fade for some navigations.

And finally as a bonus, a completely different subject but a WordPress Plugin that Prompts Users to Upgrade to a Newer browser if they’re in IE6

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