Payday Loans

Direct Payday Lenders

Direct Payday Lenders

Meet the Lenders have a huge list of direct payday loan lenders for you to choose from, so if you’re looking for a quick cash advance at the best possible rate then swing over to our website and get the short term loan you need at the rates that are best for you.

We’ve built a list of lenders who also provide personal loans.

Not sure what a Payday Loan is? Visit: Payday Loans Explained


Removals Nottingham

Removals Nottingham is a Nottingham Removals Company.

They are experienced team of Home / House and Office Removals Experts.

So if you are moving home; or office or even moving your home office to a new office then give Rightmovers a call; their aim is to get you moved with the least amount of stress possible!

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Home Office Removals Service Company in Nottingham

Removals Service Company Nottingham

Rightmovers are a professional home and office removals company operating around the nottingham and nottinghamshire area.

They are experts in removals, and will give you the best removals service you can find – they’ll even come and wrap up all the items in your home if like me you’re far too lazy to go through and package everything up.

I highly recommend their service after using them in a recent home move.

Here is a list of their removals services, their packages:


wholesale beads uk

wholesale beads uk
Bojangle beads supplies great quality beads at a fantastic price, they are by far the best wholesale beads uk company, and my fiance has used them for the past year to feed her bracelet making hobby.  She sells them on ebay and makes a decent margin for a part time job.

So if you are looking for a good, reliable UK Bead Wholesaler then Bojangle Beads are the company for you.

wholesale beads uk


Cycle Repair Derby – Cycle Servicing Derby

Cycle Repair DerbyCycle Servicing Derby from beSpoke Cycles based in Derby, Derbyshire.

Bespoke Cycles have Cytech certified mechanics which offer a vast range of cycle servicing – custom built cycles or a tune up of your bicycle before a race, no matter what you need – if it’s cycle related (be)spoke cycles can help you.

We’re based in Derby City right near the Train Station, Using SatNav?  Use:  DE12SU

Looking for a full Bike Fitting Service in Derby? goto:

Need a quick chat? Call us now, we’ll be delighted to help 01332 989254

SEO Mansfield Website Design

Website Design Mansfield

For a long time my Website Design Mansfield site had been 301’d to Carnfields website, however I’ve taken a bit of time to go through and re-design it.

SEO and Content wise there is still lots to do, but atleast the design is done!

Feel free to visit the new Website Design Mansfield web site at:

CDN Cloud Hosting SEO Wordpress

Managed CDN Hosting Nottingham

Looking for a Content Delivery Network Supplier or for Cloud Hosting in Nottingham?  Look no further!

Carnfield are a specialist Web Design Nottingham Company and SEO Company in Nottingham that supply web hosting and cloud hosting solutions.

For more information on how to speed up your wordpress website or your ecommerce store then visit:


SEO SEO Company Nottingham

SEO Company Blog on

An absolutely fantastic way of building Backlinks for SEO / Search Engine Optimisation is by getting a website and writing rich content with sneaky back links to your site or pages.

So as part of an SEO push for the Carnfield site I’ve registered:

It’s also a good idea to include an info page in case a potential customer finds this blog post – with all the relevant contact information you need to get person, a customer, ie:

All this should help towards pushing Carnfield for the term:  SEO Company Nottingham

Adobe Dreamweaver Fix Illustrator Photoshop

The operation cannot complete because of an unknown error [CANT]

The operation cannot complete because of an unknown error [CANT]

Recently since switching my PC to Microsoft Windows 8 I’ve been having a really annoying Issue with nearly all of the Adobe applications.

The problem occurred when I was trying to save something for the web with adobe illustrator (or dragging and dropping Illustrator vectors to Photoshop).

This was the error:

The operation cannot complete  because of an unknown error [CANT]

After searching around and being told to try install this, try install that, I have finally come upon a fix, a really easy, simple fix that should never be needed. Some users on Windows 7 are also having these issues (can’t comment personally though).

Here is the simple fix: Run Adobe Applications as Administrator.

You can right click on the .exe file or shortcut and select “Compatibility” and then at the bottom of the screen there is Privilege Level, Simply tick “Run this program as an administrator”.

I highly suggest doing this for all of your Adobe Applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign and more!

This fix is sponsored by Web Design Nottingham

SEO Website Design

SEO Company Nottingham

Carnfield Web Design is an SEO Company Nottingham.

Carnfield Web Design specialise in search engine friendly website design and are based in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.