A Must have HONDA Resource

If you’ve got a recent Honda Vehicle with the Touch Screen and Android version 4.0.4 then this website will give you all you need to get going with apps and more – INCLUDING SAT NAV! On your new Honda!

McDonalds Sausage Meat Recipe

Hi there cookery readers!  I know we all love the fast food giant’s McDonalds Sausage Meat, it’s one of those little sins we can’t live without (seemingly). So, how do we enjoy that awesome flavor on a more healthy level?  By making it yourself of course! Ingredients: 500g Minced Pork 14g Seasoning Seasoning: 8 g…
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Awesome Ribbon Supplier

Ribbon Supplies are the topic of today’s post! My Fiance is going through a phase of wrapping everything up in Ribbon, Real proper Rabin, Satin Ribbon and Tartan Ribbon are her favorites at the minute, Christmas, she goes nuts, I have to wrap those presents but she wraps them up with Ribbon after.  They look…
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20% OFF Arts and Craft Supplies Coupon Voucher Code

I just thought I’d share this 20% off voucher coupon code for an Arts and Crafts Supplies website my fiance purchased some bits and bobs from this weekend. The voucher code is:   IA20 You must spend a minimum of £10 to get your 20% off though, but that’s easily done.  The prices were some of…
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