Category: CSS

  • Dreamweaver FIX Removing Extra Line Breaks in CSS HTML PHP

    Isn’t it insanely annoying some times when you open a CSS File or a HTML File only to find Dreamweaver has added loads of blank lines, if your CSS is more white space than code then running this script will be very helpful. I’ve used a tonne of CSS Compressors to fix Dreamweavers fail of […]

  • Google Web Fonts v2

    Today I stumbled upon the v2 of Google Web Fonts WOW, Blown away. Typekit had better watch their toes with this beast! Try it now! It’s everything and more! Still “only” 180 fonts but that seems to be growing insanely quick!

  • HTML 5 & CSS 3 + General Web Stuff Books I Want!

    A few books I want! 🙂 If anyone has any reviews about them (if they’re good, bad or terribad!) then let me know 🙂

  • Webkit Transitions and Effects Examples

    Transition Effect on Resizing Fonts Elements that have -webkit-transition on them (using “all” or specifying font-size) will utilize that transition when bumping up and down size in the browser. From testing (on Chrome atleast) the quicker the transition the smoother it is, you’d expect a 4second transition to be smoother, but it isn’t* (this maybe […]

  • Terrific Typography

    I’ve recently been designing and coding a new website for a project that’s going to be selling a Predator Waterproof Camera and a fantastic new Liquid Images Mask which has been rather fun and exciting. @Minute44 suggested I try out @font-face that everyone’s been going nuts about recently, and after a few more recent reads […]