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  • Opencart Grid View by Default

    Opencart Grid View by Default This is a tutorial or how to guide to help you make OpenCart 1.5 display the grid view by Default. This is really really simple and easy to do, and why there’s no option in the OpenCart Admin Area to specify this is beyond me, however. Open > your themes […]

  • Premium OpenCart 1.5 Themes & Templates

    OpenCart Themes Here is my top 3 OpenCart 1.5 Themes / OpenCart Templates that I think, help make OpenCart the #1 choice in the ecommerce world. These Opencart themes are cheap, and can give your store the professional look to ensure you sell as much as possible online. 1)  Fashionista Premium OpenCart 1.5 Theme Fashionista […]

  • OpenCart 301 Redirect Not Working SEO Fix ?_route_=

    This is a post regarding 301 Redirects with OpenCart and OpenCart 1.5 / 1.5.1 Are you having a problem with your OpenCart SEO? Are you trying to add 301 Redirects? Are you getting ?_route_= added to the end of your redirects and Error Not Found Message? There is one fix, that will work, it does however […]

  • Opencart Open Cart 1.5 addModule is not defined *FIX* – cannot add banner etc –

    Recently been faced with an issue in OpenCart which seems to affect these versions: Opencart Version,,,, The Error is a Javascript Error, if you don’t use something like FireBug then you will likely not notice the error. The Erros is this though: addModule is not defined The problem this […]

  • Automatic OpenCart 1.5 SEO Friendly URL Creation

    This is how you have Automatic OpenCart 1.5 SEO Friendly URL Creation. It’s a dead easy cool fix Open: public_html/admin/view/template/common/header.tpl Find Paste Just Before: </head> Save, Upload – Job Done 🙂 This will make the SEO from your Product Name! This mod is tested on OpenCart version(s): 1.5.0,,,,, Enjoy! Also, […]

  • Custom Category Templates and CSS in OpenCart 1.5 +

    Custom Category Templates and Custom Category CSS for OpenCart relates to the following tested versions: OpenCart version(s):  1.5.0,,,,, > Newly tested on OpenCart and works This was tested today on OpenCart v today and was working flawlessly. Ever wanted to have a custom category template (hard coded elements) […]

  • Opencart 1.5 SEO URL htaccess fix 500 Internal Server Error

    Have you upgraded to Opencart 1.5 Versions: v1.5.0.3 v1.5.0.2 v1.5.0.1 v1.5.0 I had problems getting the SEO Friendly URLS to work on my Opencart install, after looking in the HTACCESS file I found this: RewriteBase /opencart/upload/ The fix to make the SEO Friendly URLS – MOD REWRITE work change that line to: RewriteBase / […]