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  • Ionstorm.EU – WoW Shaman Blog

    My World of Warcraft based Shaman Blog is now up and online. Look forward to news regarding WoW Shamans, what spec you should be, ie Elemental Shaman, Enhancement Shaman or Restoration Shaman along with Talents and Glyphs – The quickest way to enrich your shaman experience.

  • 123-Reg Ecommerce, It’s AWESOME

    We all know how totally awesome 123-Reg are, they provide an endless stream of funny content, usually in the form of products and services. The one main reoccuring delight is their crude ecommerce “package”. I tweeted late last year at the pure delight borderline copyright infringement on their ecommerce video, to be honest it took me until the second viewing to notice.

  • Why I think we’re in a recession

    Right, well most of you will likely not agree with me here but if it’s not the cause then it’s certainly a contributing major factor. <Boring Part> I was sat on the toilet last night and my bare feet were on this lovely rug in the toilet, it was rather big, super soft and I […]