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Ionstorm.EU – WoW Shaman Blog

My World of Warcraft based Shaman Blog is now up and online.

Look forward to news regarding WoW Shamans, what spec you should be, ie Elemental Shaman, Enhancement Shaman or Restoration Shaman along with Talents and Glyphs – The quickest way to enrich your shaman experience.

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123-Reg Ecommerce, It’s AWESOME

We all know how totally awesome 123-Reg are, they provide an endless stream of funny content, usually in the form of products and services.

The one main reoccuring delight is their crude ecommerce “package”.

I tweeted late last year at the pure delight borderline copyright infringement on their ecommerce video, to be honest it took me until the second viewing to notice.

The latest and greatest appears to be the the “NEW AND IMPROVED” version of their ecommerce shit storm.

So let’s just go through a few things from this Video, which is meant to “Promote” this “Amazing” “Product”.

Infact, theres nothing else I need to say really, the awesome templates that they supply as standard are just breath taking, I’m not going to quit my job as a web designer and practise saying “Would you like fries with that Sir”, the ecommerce crisis has been solved!

To get this awesome ecommerce platform please make haste to:

Unfortuantly there seems to be alot of dead links to their “Theme” “Design” gallery, so you’ll have to watch that awesome video explaining why you no longer need web designers or hosting.

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Why I think we’re in a recession

Right, well most of you will likely not agree with me here but if it’s not the cause then it’s certainly a contributing major factor.
<Boring Part>

I was sat on the toilet last night and my bare feet were on this lovely rug in the toilet, it was rather big, super soft and I was like wow noice!

Thanks to my wonderful parents it still had the price tag of £8.99 on it, which made me kind of shudder how people could make such products for such a price, and then a retailer sell it for a profit.

I then began thinking… this took as per usual some great many hours to get going and finally ding! I forgot to take my washing out, no wait …back on track.

</Boring Part>
We’re basically massive consumers in England, we actually manufacture little now, and we’re in this thinking the British people that we don’t give a flying fuckery where something is made, aslong as it’s either:  A, Cheap or B, Good Quality or C, Both.

So we’ve lost our British Pride, but not only that, our constant shopping around for the better deal is closing margins upon margins upon margins, to basically where companies are forced to sell loss leaders more and more, and the luxury items have been reduced so much that the profit isn’t enough to cover the loss leaders.

An ignorant person would then think, Sup Bitch! Cheap prices are good if we’re in a recession, means people can afford more stuff!

Downside, cost cutting, job cutting, less wages, less safety buffer, companies who cannot compete with the low costs simply fall over and die….    ..the cheaper imported shite from China is now killing our Industry since we cannot match the cost.

So, the next time you pick up a fantastic rug for under £10 that’s made in India or China, think British, we’re gonna need the support to survive, after all if it was between British / Scottish steak or some fantastic cheap *Made in China* steak, which would you go for? And how much more would you be willing to spend?

Thought’s are of course always welcome unless you’re going to prove me wrong, then you can GTFO, haha only kiddin’!