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  • A Must have HONDA Resource

    If you’ve got a recent Honda Vehicle with the Touch Screen and Android version 4.0.4 then this website will give you all you need to get going with apps and more – INCLUDING SAT NAV! On your new Honda!

  • 20% OFF Arts and Craft Supplies Coupon Voucher Code

    I just thought I’d share this 20% off voucher coupon code for an Arts and Crafts Supplies website my fiance purchased some bits and bobs from this weekend. The voucher code is:   IA20 You must spend a minimum of £10 to get your 20% off though, but that’s easily done.  The prices were some of […]

  • Home Office Removals Service Company in Nottingham

    Removals Service Company Nottingham Rightmovers are a professional home and office removals company operating around the nottingham and nottinghamshire area. They are experts in removals, and will give you the best removals service you can find – they’ll even come and wrap up all the items in your home if like me you’re far too […]

  • WordPress Functions Add Post Featured Image

    This is a really quick, easy and simple method of adding a featured image to wordpress pages or posts. Simply open your theme’s functions.php file, go to the bottom, and just before the ?> paste this add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ ); This will then enable the “Set Featured Image” option within WordPress. How to get it to […]

  • How to show WHM mail queue in SSH

    This is the command you paste in to your SSH Window to display the WHM Mail Queue, this will spit it out in a list and show domains, makes it a lot easier to track spam / offending domains. exim -bp | exiqsumm

  • Vendor-prefixed CSS Property Overview

    Vendor-prefixed CSS Property Overview Next to having four seperate pages for the major rendering engines, this page shows a clearer overview of the implemented, prefixed properties, and their counterparts in other engines. The latest update on this page occurred on 2010-09-14. Gecko (list) WebKit (list) Presto (list) Trident (list) -ms-accelerator -webkit-animation WD -webkit-animation-delay WD -webkit-animation-direction […]

  • Rampant Rabbit Vibrators – Online Shop

    Ok, so I’ve had a 1 1/2 year break from selling sex toys online, with it being on my “todo” list – and even going as far as having 2 CubeCart 4 licenses bought ready I thought it’s about time I got it crackin’ again. However, due to my epic love of wordpress I decided […]