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Dreamweaver FIX Removing Extra Line Breaks in CSS HTML PHP

Isn’t it insanely annoying some times when you open a CSS File or a HTML File only to find Dreamweaver has added loads of blank lines, if your CSS is more white space than code then running this script will be very helpful.

I’ve used a tonne of CSS Compressors to fix Dreamweavers fail of blank lines in the past, but most of them do not support CSS 3, and the ones that do – seemingly do not support the transition effect.  This however, works fine with PHP, HTML and CSS (self tested).  So no more tears for those added line breaks in your PHP or CSS, just run this fix!

Open the file in Adobe Dreamweaver, press CTRL+F to load the Find & Replace dialog box (or Edit > Find and Replace).

Do the search on the source code view.

Check the box “Use regular expression” and un-check any other boxes.
Find: [\r\n]{2,}
Replace: \n
The hit “replace all”

It may take a while so fit back and wait whilst your CSS / HTML or PHP Document is flushed of all those annoying line breaks!


> I will not be help responsible for any lost work caused by this quick fix!

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SEO Mansfield / Search Engine Optimisation Mansfield

SEO Mansfield

This is just an example test just to show my highly ranking, busy traffic blog site will do for the term search engine optimisation Mansfield, or SEO Mansfield, whatever really.

My personal blog is in a lot of the top 3 results on page one of Google for a vast range of terms, including ones like OpenCart 1.5 Templates / Themes etc.

From OpenCart to Web Design Randomness, the SEO power of this blog seems to be rather immense, and I’m pretty sure I can show this off to potential clients on why writing blog posts is so important for search engine optimisation.

WordPress is awesome for SEO, it was built for blogs, helping to get peoples ramblings, ideas and points of view across to the world, with the post Categories and Post tags, along with some awesome SEO plugins available for free, it’s made WordPress the perfect framework to build a search engine friendly CMS site with.

If you’re interested in SEO / Search Engine Optimisation and you’re from the Mansfield / Nottinghamshire area then feel free to contact me!

We’re fantastic at what we do!

Web Design Mansfield

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WordPress Error: Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute

Today I logged in to my blog and accidentally clicked the “Update” button, it did it’s jazz and I just left the page.

I was then prompted by this error:

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute

After waiting 5 minutes and realising that it wasn’t going back up I remote FTP’d to the folder and found a .maintenance file.

The best way to fix wordpress after this error is to just delete the file: .maintenance

After that, visit your blog again – It’ll tell you that you’re required to update your WordPress Database, click “Do it now!” and off you go – back online and ready to roll!

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WordPress Fix: An Unexpected HTTP Error occurred during the API request.

“An Unexpected HTTP Error occurred during the API request.” is a common issue, when searching for a plugin or even installing a plugin, this is how you fix it!

  1. Login to your FTP server
  2. Go to wp-includes and edit class-http.php
  3. Find: ‘timeout’ => apply_filters( ‘http_request_timeout’, 5),
  4. Change the value “5” to “30”, the value is actually is the number of seconds before the server times out.
  5. It should be this: ‘timeout’ => apply_filters( ‘http_request_timeout’, 30),

And that’s it! Your An Unexpected HTTP Error occurred during the API request. error should no go away!

This error is usually caused by high load on the WordPress servers or when they’re having technical difficulties.

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Remove WordPress Bundled / Included jQuery

Recently, from version 3 and onwards WordPress has included or bundled a load of javascript with it, this is found in:  wp-includes/js/

This list includes scripts such as

  • jQuery
  • scriptaculous
  • hoverIntent
  • prototype
  • colorpicker
  • json
  • swfobject

and more.

Unfortunately WordPress is forcing everyone to use jQuery version 1.4.2 with abit of a ignorant attitude, quote one forum moderator:

WordPress 3.0 will include 1.4.2, de-registering and adding your own is just totally pointless(seeing as that’s current).

Not quite, since some people need to use a pre 1.4.2 version.

Anyway to cut a long story short, here’s the Fix to Removing the Bundled jQuery that comes with WordPress:

Edit you’re themes functions.php

goto the end of the document and find ?>

before that paste:

if( !is_admin()){

Save, and upload.

And that’s it, you’re done.

Seems to have not hurt anything in the admin backend, but if you encounter any bugs or issues please let me know!

Also you can try this:
if( !is_admin()){
wp_register_script('jquery', (""), false, '');

Wootheme Users

Open your functions.php file, find:

/* You can add custom functions below */

And paste:

if( !is_admin()){
wp_register_script('jquery', (""), false, '');

Below it 🙂

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Framework 2.0 –

Framework 2.0 – (Beta 2) is complete.


  • Improved Look of Tables.
  • Rounded Corners + Ability to Enable or Disable (Work on all browsers and IE6+).
  • Removed IE6 Support (Flogging a dead horse and time sink).
  • Tweaked General CSS.
  • Validated HTML for WordPress’s Sidebar Search Widget (functions.php re-writes the code).
  • Replaced the standard WordPress “W” Logo on the top-right of the wordpress admin area with a changeable logo, found in functions/images/logo.png.


  • Homepage Sidebar Toggle.
  • Fix Footer “Company Name” so that you can have a Blog Title of “A really long cool story” and in the Copyright have “Your Company”.
  • Logo Position Toggle (Left or Right).
  • Custom Logo URL (Removed but will add again).
  • Improve the “Customised” WordPress Admin backend changes.
  • Improve functions and reduce code bloat.
  • Add an option to choose jQuery version from Google Code (ie if you need to downgrade or upgrade the version of jQuery then you can do).
  • Package Framework 2.0 for Sale.
  • Have atleast 2 different types of post layout on the Blog Page (index page).
  • Have category exclusions on the Blog Page (index page).
  • Include 2 – 3 different colour versions as default.
  • Tweak the Twitter Footer widget.

Got any Feedback or Recommendations for Framework?  – Simple Post a comment 🙂

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WordPress Web Design, SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

We’re getting close to launching our WordPress Web Design Website.  It’ll be featuring exciting new WordPress Themes built solely around being SearchEngine Friendly.

These wordpress themes will mainly be built as a Framework to allow other designers and developers the ability to creative nice, affordable websites for clients with a large amount of customisation via the Theme Options page, and of course all themes are HTML and CSS 2/3 Valid!

Stay Tuned for the Lauch of the WordPress Web Design Site, I’ll be giving away discount codes!