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WoW CM Boost

WoW CM Boost is a Boosting company that offers a fast professional World of Warcraft Challenge Mode Gold Boosting Service.

They are fast and effective, and I highly recommend them, they’ve boosted several of my characters for challenge modes that will soon be removed by blizzard.

This includes being able to get the challenge mode title, transmog and challenge mode mount.

So if like me, you’re too lazy to bother gearing for CM’s or bothered about learning tactics for challenge mode dungeons then these guys are the ones you want to talk to.

So you better buy a cheap EU WoW CM Gold Boost today!

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Ionstorm.EU – WoW Shaman Blog

My World of Warcraft based Shaman Blog is now up and online.

Look forward to news regarding WoW Shamans, what spec you should be, ie Elemental Shaman, Enhancement Shaman or Restoration Shaman along with Talents and Glyphs – The quickest way to enrich your shaman experience.