Consulting & Training

Is your Website working for You?

Or are you working for your website? Do you think you’re website is working as well as it should, can your customers find the products or services or information that they want, quickly? Is your checkout proccess working or are customers being put off by lengthy forms or bad design?

Are you getting annoyed with Microsoft Outlook? Or other PC based email clients? Or not being able to share calendars or see who is in the office or when to see or do something? I can come in and set you up on Google Apps so that you can all share and access (if required) calendars and documents – where ever you are, sounds good right?  What if I said you would reduce the chance of you getting a Virus via email by 99%*? and decrease the amount of spam you get by over 80%**?


From checking on your staff and seeing if they’re doing a propper job to Checking that that Web Company you hired are doing what they say they are doing, or even checking out a Web Design Quote or the Web Platform they’re using (such as WordPress).

I can supply an in-depth site analysis, looking at adspend and ROI from online marketing, benchmark the search engines ranking of your website and tell you ways in which you can improve your website and in turn make more sales / bring in more customers.


I can Train you on how to use the internet to it’s full potential, how to write search engine friendly content, write Search Engine orientated blog posts to cross promote your products (and get them up in google naturally), and more.