Framework 2.0 –

Framework 2.0 – (Beta 2) is complete.


  • Improved Look of Tables.
  • Rounded Corners + Ability to Enable or Disable (Work on all browsers and IE6+).
  • Removed IE6 Support (Flogging a dead horse and time sink).
  • Tweaked General CSS.
  • Validated HTML for WordPress’s Sidebar Search Widget (functions.php re-writes the code).
  • Replaced the standard WordPress “W” Logo on the top-right of the wordpress admin area with a changeable logo, found in functions/images/logo.png.


  • Homepage Sidebar Toggle.
  • Fix Footer “Company Name” so that you can have a Blog Title of “A really long cool story” and in the Copyright have “Your Company”.
  • Logo Position Toggle (Left or Right).
  • Custom Logo URL (Removed but will add again).
  • Improve the “Customised” WordPress Admin backend changes.
  • Improve functions and reduce code bloat.
  • Add an option to choose jQuery version from Google Code (ie if you need to downgrade or upgrade the version of jQuery then you can do).
  • Package Framework 2.0 for Sale.
  • Have atleast 2 different types of post layout on the Blog Page (index page).
  • Have category exclusions on the Blog Page (index page).
  • Include 2 – 3 different colour versions as default.
  • Tweak the Twitter Footer widget.

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