Google Hosted jQuery or Other Scripts not working – Google CDN Down

Today we’ve had a flood of errors with customer websites where google hosted jquery and other scripts from loading.

On most PC’s trying to access the Google Content Delivery Network (CDN) will give you a 404 error of the file not found!

If like me you have used Google’s DNS you might be confused because everything is working fine, however it seems OpenDNS has stopped access to the Google Datacenters due to a phishing scam??!?

Seriously? Good way to break half the internet guys!

OpenDNS Credit goes to:!/matbennett/status/154492602559897600/photo/1

Seems like I would suggest using a fallback script to local, this will then be bulletproof!

This sort of thing would work:

Or if you're using MooTools using Google Hoosted / CDN Try this:

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