How to Install RoE / Ring of Elysium Battle Royale Game

Due to the nature of install some people may feel “uneasy” installing and downloading files in a foreign language – or just want to make sure they don’t click the wrong thing and install a virus; This guide links to legitmate files and resources that are used, and work.

Whilst I could sit around and tell you all this stuff yourself there are endless videos on the internet explaining how to set up the Battle Royale Game Ring of Elysium or RoE as it’s referred to.

YouTube Install Guide

The video above will help you  with the install and configuration but the downloads are some times not clear where or how to get.  With the below links these are the files you need.

Garena Installer

Process Hacker

Whilst you do not need the Garena app running to launch with the batch file, I’d still recommend that you do use the Garena launcher from time to time for updates.

*Please note, whislt all files have been scanned by me on download, updated files may change and thus do not complain to me if you get a virus, it is up to everyone to ensure they have virus/malware protection whilst being online.

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