Lloyds TSB, The Worst Bank in the World

I’ve had my ups and downs with TSB, mostly due to their internet banking being absolutely ass and randomly not updating my account details for up to a week in any one time.

Anyway, this is the story of where I’ve applied for a house with my Girlfriend, a nice 3 Bedroom semi detached house in a very sought after location in Mansfield, Notts. We get the house and all is good, we decide to get a joint bank account so the bills can all come out of that and so that all the funds can go in and we know jointly where we stand month by month, and then can save accordingly.

We are both Lloyds TSB Account holders, although for some reason I have a Welfare “Cash Account” even though I have £1444 a month deposited in, I have had offers to upgrade but from the past annoyances I was always on about transferring banks to NatWest, who would give me an overdraft.

Anyway my girlfriends heads in to Lloyds TSB on her dinner break and is told by the customer services person, provided we are both account holders we can get a joint account within 5minutes, provided we both come to the bank and bring our cards.

So today, Friday the 24th of August, both my Girlfriend and I book half a days holiday and hit Lloyds TSB to get this joint account so we can sort out bills before moving in to our house on September the 1st.

After entering and being greeted by a lady, we’re told that they are unable to give us a JOINT account due to my account being a welfare “Cash Account”, so I said, “I’ve been harassed by TSB Staff to upgrade my account for ages, upgrade it then”. Her response was fine, and she set about upgrading my account, and turned to me and said, sorry you’re account isn’t eligible to be upgraded.

Apparently a few months ago my when the internet banking was playing up again and Tesco didn’t take the petrol debit out for a few days it caused me to go overdrawn (at the end of the month), which is the reason why they will not upgrade my account?

I’ve been with Lloyds TSB for many many years, I’d never expect any bank to refuse to give me a joint account purely by the type of my current account, nor can I see why I’m being refused an upgrade when it’s already been offered, they give my girlfriend the world and she earns ALOT less than me.

So Lloyds I’d just like to say, I will be moving banks unless I get a telephone call within 24hours confirming that you’ve upgraded my account, and asking us to come in and create a joint account. I now wish I wasn’t lazy and went to NatWest when I was supposed to.

Lloyds TSB, you have to be the worst bank in England (also your interest rate on loans is moronic). And before any smart arse comments about my credit rating, I’ve got a possible £5000 worth of debt I could get myself in to with various other store cards & catalogues, a normal bank account is NOT too much to ask, and some decent customer service should be mandatory.

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