McDonalds Sausage Meat Recipe

sausage-meat-receipeHi there cookery readers!  I know we all love the fast food giant’s McDonalds Sausage Meat, it’s one of those little sins we can’t live without (seemingly). So, how do we enjoy that awesome flavor on a more healthy level?  By making it yourself of course!


500g Minced Pork
14g Seasoning

8 g Salt
1.8 g Cornflour
1.5 g Dried mixed Herbs (obviously not Italian)
2g Fresh Sage (or Dried, but it may need more/less sage in it).
0.3 g White Pepper
0.2 g Marmite (or Yeast Extract – That’s what supermarket own brand is).

Your Kids can now eat a lot more healthy alternative, and should you wish to reduce the salt (to your personal taste) then you can.  I generally add a tiny more white pepper to mine too making it  0.5g)


Roll it in a ball and flatten it like a burger (that’s how they’re served there without skin).


Fry on the stove until golden brown, and then flip and continue to cook.

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