Shaped Bokeh

bokehfunSince I’m rather new with Digital SLR’s and Photography as a whole, and I’ve been playing around with to be truthful, fucking allsorts and harrasing @minute44 every ten minutes with a “how do you..” like a kid asking parents on a traveling trip, “are we there yet* ..And thankfully he hasnt been a cunt like me and sent me “Let me Google That For You” links 🙂

One link he sent me was to this website which ends up not only giving me blatant easy instructions how to achvieve the effect but a website full of handy useful tips and tricks.

My eyes could hardly belive the dog picture on the above website, I didnt think it was possibly to do such things without digital trickery with Adobe Photoshop or some other sexy graphic software.

So away I went, buying shaped hole punches and black card, and sure enough with some star cut ready, I got some kick ass shaped bokeh!  Now I just need to get to a interesting city or something at night and get some real, natural shapes and colours bokeh, unlike the forced flash in glass effects I’ve been doing (which still look cool but are only used for practise).

Here’s my Flickr collection for my shaped bokeh!

I actually can’t wait till xmas now, it’ll bring some excellent oppertunities for using this technique!

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