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How to: Custom reCaptcha captcha with Gravity Forms

Recently I’ve been struggling with using reCaptcha with Gravity forms, mainly in regards to using the sidebar and the captcha, gravityforms only as default allows you to use the standard reCaptcha themes, this is a short but sweet “How to” to be able to totally customise the reCatcha appearance with Gravity Forms.

Find form_detail.php

Goto line number: 581

You Should Have:

After Paste This:

Edit your form, and select “custom” as the theme.

Then add an HTML “Field” and paste the code that’s required to display the reCaptcha, ie:

And then use your custom code as per:

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Gravity Forms – The Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin

I’ve used quite a fair few plugins for Contact forms, used on a large variety of applications. Until now I’d have said CForms II was the best, It was amazing, but sadly seems to have vanished.

After a look around I was pleased to find some really >REALLY< shiny website known as Gravity Forms, these guys have made what I would say, the best WordPress Plugin for Contact Forms, no questions asked, from Computer Illiterate clients to professionals, this plugin caters to all!

We currently have a Developer License which was $199, now that’s unlimited use so it’s a rather minimal fee per site, obviously the more websites you use it on the cheaper each installation equates to. Say you deploy this plugin over 1000 websites, that’s sub 20cents (13/14p) each, now that’s a bargain, and you’re still free to install it on more domains.

I really recommend anyone serious about including a easy to use fully featured Contact Form Plugin for clients to use Gravity Forms.

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