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  • Google Hosted jQuery or Other Scripts not working – Google CDN Down

    Today we’ve had a flood of errors with customer websites where google hosted jquery and other scripts from loading. On most PC’s trying to access the Google Content Delivery Network (CDN) will give you a 404 error of the file not found! If like me you have used Google’s DNS you might be confused because […]

  • Remove WordPress Bundled / Included jQuery

    Recently, from version 3 and onwards WordPress has included or bundled a load of javascript with it, this is found in:  wp-includes/js/ This list includes scripts such as jQuery scriptaculous hoverIntent prototype colorpicker json swfobject and more. Unfortunately WordPress is forcing everyone to use jQuery version 1.4.2 with abit of a ignorant attitude, quote one […]

  • 10 Sweet Must Have jQuery Plugins

    On the search for new ways to make the web accessible we’ll go through a list of plugins that can acheive just about anything and be totally be cross browser, cross platform, mobile platform compatible. 1, CrossSlide, Flash Type Image Animation, essential. http://www.gruppo4.com/~tobia/cross-slide.shtml 2, Autocomplete, Perfect for Lengthy Forms. http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-autocomplete/ 3, Post Slider for WordPress. […]