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An absolutely fantastic way of building Backlinks for SEO / Search Engine Optimisation is by getting a website and writing rich content with sneaky back links to your site or pages.

So as part of an SEO push for the Carnfield site I’ve registered:

It’s also a good idea to include an info page in case a potential customer finds this blog post – with all the relevant contact information you need to get person, a customer, ie:

All this should help towards pushing Carnfield for the term:  SEO Company Nottingham


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SEO Nottingham by Carnfield Web Design Ltd.

Carnfield Web Design Ltd are a SEO Company Based in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

They are a local, reliable Internet Marketing / Search Engine Optimisation Company.

Visit them now for a SEO Quote:

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This is just an example test just to show my highly ranking, busy traffic blog site will do for the term search engine optimisation Mansfield, or SEO Mansfield, whatever really.

My personal blog is in a lot of the top 3 results on page one of Google for a vast range of terms, including ones like OpenCart 1.5 Templates / Themes etc.

From OpenCart to Web Design Randomness, the SEO power of this blog seems to be rather immense, and I’m pretty sure I can show this off to potential clients on why writing blog posts is so important for search engine optimisation.

WordPress is awesome for SEO, it was built for blogs, helping to get peoples ramblings, ideas and points of view across to the world, with the post Categories and Post tags, along with some awesome SEO plugins available for free, it’s made WordPress the perfect framework to build a search engine friendly CMS site with.

If you’re interested in SEO / Search Engine Optimisation and you’re from the Mansfield / Nottinghamshire area then feel free to contact me!

We’re fantastic at what we do!

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