The faviboob experiment!

Ok so we’ve Tweeted the Idea of a faviboob – It’s Basically a Favicon that’s a boob – Olly sort of got abit excited about a Russian SEO Site that had a FaviBoob !

So, we googled it to see if it was a phrase well known, unfortuantly 0 results found for FaviBoob!

Now its time to test the Twitter vs Blogging power when it comes to getting your new word out there!

Shortly before writing this article both me and olly had tweeted with faviboob in it, we didnt hastag it but still, no results on google yet.

Let’s see how long it takes now with a blog post!

You heard it first here folks, FaviBoob! We should use it for breast cancer aweness or something? Who’s with me?

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